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Dua Lipa Loves The Puffer Phone Case.


Dua Lipa Loves The Puffer Phone Case.

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Features Of The Puffer Case

1. The puffer case is a new trendy case now for iPhone. Its designed is inspired by puffer jacket.

2. The case makes you stand out in crowd and your friendā€™s circle.

3. Puffer case is made of water-resistant polyurethane material, which adds extra protection and complete the purpose of a phone case.

4. Its smooth, clean and puffy but not too big. You can easily clean it with a wet cloth if it gets dirty.

More than looks

The puffer case is more than just a decorative phone case. The soft design is not only meant to give it a puffy look but also to give it good protection. The case protects your phone from all kind of shocks and damages, dirt and water splashes.


The puffer case was inspired by puffer jacket when someone on the internet photoshopped puffer jacket on an iPhone case. It went viral because of its aesthetic look.

Our case is a part of us

We always strive for originality in all work what we do. Our cases stand apart from other products that lack the trendy design and innovation to become an aesthetic throughout the season.